Thursday, October 16, 2008

Google gives Ext the finger

Google is now providing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service where popular Javasctipt libraries like Dojo and JQuery are hosted. Jack and the Ext fanboys make a request to host Ext on the google CDN but google gives them the finger stating :

"For now this will be a no-fix due to licensing issues. All libraries that we host on the Google AJAX Libraries API
are offered free of charge with very liberal licenses. EXT, however, requires a fee for users wishing to use it
commercially. We like to keep the libraries consistent so that we don't put our users in a dangerous situation
where they might be liable without knowing it."

Jack insists that ExtJS will be up on Google Code stating

"Ext JS will be up on Google API in the near future. :)"

and then says
"No news yet guys. I'm not sure what the hold up is."

and finally

"This is contrary to discussions we have had with them. I will check into it and find out if that is accurate."

Well, you want to know what the hold up is about? Google said it best :

"For now this will be a no-fix due to licensing issues (with Ext)."

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Anonymous said...

Hello mate, you must take a look to this:

Anonymous said...

Pay attention in the license, this isn't the GXT project, is a LGPL alternative for you.

Iskandar said...

I am thinking of open-sourcing saved mygwt-0.5 version under LGPL. We can continue up with Darrel's codes at least. Who have newer version still LGPL?

Anonymous said...

Those idiots behind Ext are so f'in clueless, nice move Google.