Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ext Road Map = Bait and Switch

The Ext guys have done it yet again. They continue to screw users by bait & switch. They baited users by promising the Ext Designer tool in 3.0. It's been around 8 months since and there's no Designer yet. Moreover they had promised it to be a tool that is part of 3.0 but now they are going to charge users an additional amount per year.

The latest scam is thier roadmap which had "mobile components" and "store enhancements" listed to be in thier 3.2 release which is due in March 2010. March is almost here and these guys are have nothing to show for. So what do they do? In typical Ext fasion, they sneakily update the roadmap moving "mobile components" to thier 4.0 release. Thats right - what was slated for a 3.2 release has now been pushed to 4.0 which could very well be a year away. So if you were a user relying on the Ext roadmap for your business, you are now shit out of luck! Moreover you'll have to shell out more $$ to upgrade to the 4.0 release while previously "mobile components" would have been a free upgrade with the 3.2 release.

You can see the changes made to the Ext roadmap here.

The Ext RoadMap is like the "Bridge to Nowhere". Get off it as soon as possible!