Friday, April 24, 2009

Ext CEO "Ape Alias" spreads more FUD

It is a well known fact that GPL software can be used without releasing your source code within an Intranet of a SaS (Software as a Service) model where you are not selling a product but rather have a hosted web application. Google does this with MySQL which is GPL, and doesn't release any of thier search engine source code.

However when asked, Ext CEO Ape Alias, states that a license of Ext is required. Not surprising as he wants to screw users into buying licenses even when it is not required.

Forum link : license for using EXT-JS in a web site

Ext user Lobos is quick to point out the this is not the case. However knowing Ext, his post is likely to be deleted soon. And in the event that it is deleted, I have a backup screenshot which I'll post here.

Update : As suspected Jack / Ape Alias have deleted the users post. So here is the screenshot of the original post by user Lobos.

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