Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ajaxian's Dion Almer : At this point, the Ext walls are crumbling

After Ext went GPL, Ajaxian's Dion Almer states

"At this point, the (Ext) walls are crumbling, and Jack needs to make a big effort and come clean to his community to save the reputation of the project. If not, it will probably always be in a cloud of darkness as people are both confused and wonder about motives."

Unfortunately no such effort was made by Jack who is the Ext author.

Dion goes on to say

"With the current Ext JS debacle, you get reminded of how connected your project and business are to other people. Just because you own a company, doesn’t mean that you control it. When I think about my own company, Google, I realize that the most important currency is user trust.

It is a little like your tennis ranking. A rolling year of past performance is what really matters here. It doesn’t matter if you won that grand slam one year and one month ago.

With Ext JS, there was a strange situation. The original license of LGPL-ish was very confusing, which lead to a confused community. Some kind o change was required, and clarity needed to be brought in. Unfortunately, it seems that the move to GPL has caused more chaos and confusion. Developers who poured a lot of time into the community (e.g. by creating GWT-Ext) are upset. The chaos can rip the community apart and you end up with a true lose-lose."

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Anonymous said...

Yet another industry luminary (Sanjiv Jivan) slamming Jack Slocum and ExtJS:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this information together. If we hadn't found this we might well have gone with Ext, instead, we found a much better solution (SmartClient) backed by a real company!

I have a suggestion though: rename or recreate this blog as "extboycott" or similar. I almost didn't click on "extisevil" because it seemed slightly silly. No offense :)

Ext Whistleblower said...

annonymous : Thanks for the URL. Keep 'em coming!

Velma said...

Thanks for writing this.