Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome to ExtIsEvil

This blog is intended to expose the deceitful actions of Ext, LLC. It will also document the outrage publicly expressed by well respected members of the community like John Resig from JQuery and Graeme Rocher, the Grails Lead.

The Ext team deletes posts on their forums that are valid criticisms of their manipulative and deceitful moves like the LGPL to GPL bait & switch without any notice to the users.

Who am I? As odd as it may sound, I am an Ext Premium User who has paid for commercial license and premium support but can't use Ext after it has gone GPL.

ExtIsEvil is a place for users to voice their opinions. If you've been stiffed by Ext, LLC or would like to share any of your experiences please email and I'll post the contents here.

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