Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jack is back for some more Sencha license bait and switch

Ext, now Sencha, have stayed true to their roots. They have gone back to their old ways of baiting users with their licensing shenanigans again. So Sencha touch first starts out their beta program with an unknown license. Next they come up with a commercial paid licensing scheme but only a few suckers bite.

Out of the blue there is a Jack sighting on the Ext forums http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?115550-Hello-to-friends and within a matter of days Sencha announces that they have temporarily changed their Sencha touch license to be commercial but free. Brings back of memories of Jack's bait and switch ploys, doesn't it. I feel for the poor bastards that are going to use Sencha touch now only to find that the license has changed within a year to a paid-only option.

Old habits die hard but I must admit that I'm secretly happy that Jack is back as his mere association with Sencha will be it's ultimate demise. He is Jinxed Slocum.


Johan said...

I think you have a lot of anger towards the Sencha company. Personally I don't mind if I have to pay for a good framework. I have more problems with those developers who want everything for free and fuck up a business by offering from an obscure country their services for a few bucks. I like Extjs, both in working with as in their quality. I am not personal on this, just want to build programs that my customers like. And we are close to deliver and I am happy to pay for a license. If I needed to develop it myself I could say goodbye to the rest of my carrier for nobody would be willing to pay for my efforts doing so. I think that they deliver very good value for money. And I hate freeware just for the sake to give somebody with a cheap attitude with his cheap manners.

Johan said...

I don't know you, so don't take anything personal.

Ext Whistleblower said...

Johan, is that you Ape Alias? The IP address strongly suggests so.

Don't give me BS about everyone needs to feed their family and you don't mind paying etc etc. Bottom line is Jack is a rogue who changed the licese from free to paid overnight but acted in a disgraceful manner after that. You did read the Ajaxian thread, right?

History repeats itself and I see them doing the same with Sencha touch.

Johan said...

No it is not my ape alias and I am truly sad that you invest so much in your anger. If you are really a good developer you easily have your investment and dignity back after your first project. Start thinking bigger than hunting Jack. Choose YUI if you want to go cheap, but think on what you can make, rather than what you can break. Good things shouldn't come for free in my opinion. And I think your wasting your time. So dump the whistle and enrich the world with your better skills, for I'm sure you have them. So move on, I shit you not.

Ext Whistleblower said...

Johan, if you are so interesting in defending your idol Jack, then you move on. You don't have to read this blog. Jack was publicy stripped and humiliated by the entire OSS communintiy after his deplorable actions before he went into exile.

The truth of the matter is that Sencha does not need Jack anymore. He missed out big time and now posts on the forum starting with "hey guys" like a queer.

Johan said...

I don't even know Jack, but I am also part of the community and I don't like it when you give it such a revolutionary character. You sound like someone who personally lost a lot with what Jack did. If not, let it go and show some quality. How good a developer are you anyway? Show more of that and you will be appreciated, by all the community.

Ext Whistleblower said...

If you don't know Jack then you don't know what he has done so why bother commenting here? You are not qualified to defend a person or his moral character you don't know. Go find someone that you actually know and defend them on blogosphere.

I'm not here to gain apperciation of my development skills by the community. I'm just here to document and call about Ext / Sencha BS.

Johan said...

This blog is hacked and long forgotten I suppose

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'll ever trust Jack Slocum and co. It's not about money. It's about the way they pull the stunt over the licensing. Trust matter.

I'll stick with JQuery mobile over Sencha. JQuery might not be as good right now, but I trust the people behind it.

Peter mash Morgan said...

I'm kinda with this Blog. I've been "stung" a few times; but the way that Jack "slipped" in his "kinda GPL" license sucks.

Indeed the whole project is geared towards finance/marketing. Just try and go and download an olde 2.2.1 GPL version... you cant unless you "subscribe" and get send the download link by email.. WTF!!!

nightwatch said...

Some more annoying (at least for me) moves by Sencha:

- they introduce Extjs 4 as a great step forward, but in fact the library has some serious performance problems compared to v3.

- they announced the new sencha touch v2 and this library is guaranteed not to be compatible with anything you did in sencha touch 1. So you may throw away your v1 application and start rewriting it for v2. But who knows if the v3 version is not going to do the same?

Anonymous said...

I had a telephone conversation about Sencha touch with their VP of sales and marketing manager.

Get this: they demanded $30,000 + REVENUE SHARING to use this library.

There are many options out there... I have stricken Sencha 'whatever' off of my list for good.

Also, their VP of sales has exhibited pushy car salesman like attitude and basically ended the call when I refused to agree to any kind of revenue sharing.

My prediction is: In 6 to 12 months there will be dozens of additional libraries that do this and do not ask for revenue sharing.

sam treweek said...

A few years back I started with Ext JS and found it a superb framework. Jack was always a bit vague about open-source and the true intentions for ext js. I guess he realized that there was more money in it for him eventually to go fully closed.

But it seems the distaste towards him for reeling people in and not being truly honest. Perhaps at the point of going closed he should have forked the project to the community. This would have given back his credibility. But one things for sure I won't touch Sencha.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Best of all, all their demos (Kiva, Watchlist, Touchstyle etc.) are broken on a stock iPhone 5s, except the Kitchen Sink. Very trustworthy!

Anonymous said...

And 6 years after the original license issues, we have something arguably worse. You are now forced to buy licenses in a 5 pack - single devs are priced out and no longer need apply.


Who knows what's next?

Anonymous said...

Sencha back with more licensing shenanigans and changing terms without notices. They in turn block out all freelance and single developer shops

Anonymous said...

Sencha sucks
Sencha screws us again. Screw us once shame on you sencha...screw us twice shame on us. Time to abandon sencha as they just killed single developer licenses to assault our wallets. Good thing there is angular and backone and other libraries for my company large company to run on. Sencha your company is horrific.